Call of duty Mobile Beta Ready To Be Launched In China

I know that the fever of call of duty beta Android version among the gamers is very high. That is being released in the summer session 2019. Call of duty mobile game China is the joint venture of Chinese huge gaming industry Tencent and Activision.

Call Of Duty Mobile Beta Ready To Be Launched In China

Call of duty Mobile

Now if we talk about the Tencent it is a very popular brand in the gaming world. Anyone can understand its fame by the number of users who are playing the game. Till now it has over a hundred million satisfied players. In a press release both the officials of Activision and Tencent brief about the basic theme of the call of duty new edition and some unique extra features that the developers introduced for the first time. Now, in my opinion, there will be a very tough competition in between SmileGate a big arrival of Tencent.

Surprisingly, the call of duty mobile: Legends of War combines almost all characters of the previous version of the game which makes it more attractive for the players. As a gamer, you will enjoy the favorite characters of maps, modes, ghosts, and weapons.

Call of duty Mobile Beta China Tencent

The executive vice president and general manager for call of duty told in a meeting that they are working with a highly popular brand like Tencent so that to make possible more professional work can be delivered. He also mentioned that call of duty game serving in the field of video shooting games for so many years. And the response from the people is really good. So we will not let our users wait for more for the stunning game.

But the officials want to surprise their users that’s why they have not told much about the game.

Tencent is focused to provide high-quality consoles for video shooting games to its users. Call of duty mobile Tencent emulators is also trending. The senior vice president of the Tencent shares his ideas about the firm’s policy that they are focusing to unite the different features, characters, content, and modes of the game into the new version of call of duty mobile china beta. He also said that very soon they will release the title of the game.


According to the sensor, tower reports call of duty: Heroes earn about $7 million revenue and you will be shocked after knowing that the download figure of the game was 44 million. Activision earning from the call of duty: Zombie’s version was also about $7 million. But downloads was low as compared with Heroes.

FAQ’S about call of duty mobile Chinese beta

Question: When will call of duty beta Tencent release?

Answer: It is not yet confirmed. But officials announced that may be the call of duty Tencent launch in the summer session of 2019.

Question: Is there any news about the call of duty Black Ops 4 beta being released on steam?

Answer: Treyarch is going to give a very cool surprise to lovers of call of duty by launching the PC edition of the Black Ops 4 very soon. It will be the very first version that will be available on Blizzard’s digital platform.

Question: Are there guns available in the call of duty black Ops 4 PC?

Answer: Guys I have good news for you that is “call of duty Black Ops 4 beta again introduce the Gun mode of the game. That’s why it is now one of the trending first-person shooter game in this age.

Question: What was the launching date of Call of duty Black Ops 4 beta version?

Answer: It was released on October 12, 2018.

Question: Why a game face call of duty mobile connection terminated error?

Answer: You face this problem when you try to play the game as a guest. The main reason for this error is also a geographical limitation. Because the game is only released in Australia. That’s why operating system force stops the game.

Question: How to fix the call of duty mobile beta connection error?

Answer:  This error can also be fixed by using the VPN. How to use the VPN is just mentioned above. You can also use this method to get call of duty mobile early access

Question: Which is the new edition of the call of duty?

Answer: call of duty mobile Beta android: Legends of War is the new version of the game.

Question: When will call of duty mobile beta released?

Answer: It is going to launch in this summer session in March 2019.

Question:  Is Call of Duty Mobile APK be able to dominate the PUBG mobile?

Answer: In my opinion, there will be a sound impact Call of duty mobile apkpure on the popularity of PUBG mobile. As Call of duty mod APK is developed by Tencent so it will not be a big problem for the PUBG APK. Moreover, it has now reached on that level of fame where it is quite tough from any new one to compete for PUBG.

Question: Is it true that Call of Duty Mobile coming?

Answer: If you are a gamer then I have good news for you. And that good news is that Call of duty Mobile Android APK will come soon in the market. As officials of the have announced that they are going to launch it in the near future.

Question: What are the basic requirements to download Call of Duty alpha on your Android?

Answer: Necessary requirements to play call of duty mobile game are:

  • Smartphones which have the Snapdragon 821 processor and higher are suitable for this version of the game. It means that users having this specification can play with low graphics.
  • Android device those have snapdragon 835 processor is useful for playing Call of duty Mobile APK. With these mobile phones, gamers can enjoy the heavy graphics of the game.

Note: iPhone6 and recent version are compatible for this game.


Finally, I would like to say this was all about call of duty mobile China. Although, the latest version of these game legends of war is now released in Australia. But it will be soon in China as well. Moreover, if you face any problem while downloading or playing the game. Then comment in the suggestion box. I will be right there for your help. This will also an owner for me to listen from you. Stay tuned for more updates.

Good luck with your call of duty mobile APK gameplay.

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