Call of duty Legends of war

Do you know that Activision is going to launch the new version of call of duty? Do you know what the best part is? The good thing is that for this time the call of duty mobile “Legends of War” APK will be a special gift for those gamers who want to play it on their Android smartphones.

Call of duty Legends of war

Call of Duty Legends Of War

Now call of duty mobile beta Android is going to make its beginning for the mobile edition of the game just like PUBG mobile and Fortnite. Call of duty mobile gameplay is very simple. A player can only survive by eliminating other players in the battle. So be ready guys and prepare yourself for the wonderful game.

Features call of duty mobile War of legends  

  • Interestingly, if you survive in a better way than other players then you will get call of duty mobile rewards on a weekly
  • There is also a tutorial from where you can learn if there is any difficulty while playing the game.
  • The user interface of the game is very eye-catching.
  • Graphics of the stunning are amazing.
  • Also, have the favorite zombie’s mode from the previous versions of the call of duty.


  • Once you die in the game you will not be given extra lifeline.

Surprisingly, the most demanding characters of the game “Ghosts, Captain Price, and Zombies” are also introduced in the mobile version of the game. As there is the availability of the proper guideline that how to play so you have no need to worry about that you are going to play it for the first time. The basic theme of the call of duty Legends of War IOS is to provide royale battle enjoyment to the player. Where he has to use the all possible character to fight against opponents for winning. Do you know what the best part is? That is you can upgrade and adjust the weapons according to your wish list. But one thing you have to be more careful about is that your ranking is very important to get the game currency. So that by utilizing the best combinations you can survive well.


The beginning of the game call of duty mobile Tencent Beta APK is very interesting. Where a player has the chance to learn about the controls and about other characters as well. This mode of the game makes it unique from other competitors. If you join the game newly then tutorial will help you a lot. From this mode of the game, a gamer gets experience and then moves to the next mode in which he/she has to fight against other players to exist in the game. You can select mission according to your desire whether you want to play a team which includes 5 players or a solo mission. But once you choose the format then to win the award you have to put your full potential. Maps in the game make it more attractive for the gamer.

One thing that I personally recommend you is that firstly know about all characters then move towards next mode of the game.

Now I am going to discuss the most interesting and leading mode “Zombies” which forces you to play the game. I bet with you that as a player once you play this mode you will be addicted. Play of Zombies is very simple. A gamer has no need to kill other players. Just to target the Undead is a basic role in this mode. Moreover, graphics can be an edge point to fascinate you.

FAQ’S about Call of duty Mobile APK Game

Question: What is the release date of Call of duty Legends of War?

Answer: According to Activision press announcement APK game will be launched March 2019.

Question: What are the basic requirements to download Call of Duty Legends of War on your Android?

Answer: Necessary requirements to play call of duty mobile APK game are:

  • Smartphones which have the Snapdragon 821 processor and higher are suitable for this version of the game. It means that users having this specification can play with low graphics.
  • Android device those have snapdragon 835 processor is useful for playing Call of duty Mobile APK. With these mobile phones, gamers can enjoy the heavy graphics of the game.

Question: How to download the call of duty mobile Legends of War game?

Answer: steps are given below:

  1. In the very first step download the Call of Duty Mobile APK application on your android smartphone using APK mirror.
  2. Now install Call of duty mobile on your Android device.
  3. Then open the game app.
  4. Once you launch the game it will start to load. Meanwhile, make sure that all apps are closed in the background.
  5. After that download the Extra OBB extension application on your smartphone.
  6. Run the OBB extension.
  7. One thing about which you have to be more careful about is that OBB application file must be saved in com.activision.callofduty.shooter folder.


Finally, I would like to say as a diehard fan of a game it is very difficult to wait for the next version of the game which is also according to your wish. That’s why I considered it very necessary to share all about the call of duty mobile beta release date and also about its stunning features. In my opinion, this game edition is going to give a tough time to its competitors. Further, if you face any problem while downloading or playing the game in the future comment in the section below. I will be right there for your help. Stay tuned for more updates.



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